Attn: Loan Officers, Contractors, Real Estate Agents, and Home Inspectors Who Want A Recession PROOF Business...

The Real SECRET For Creating A Niche That Will Make You The Expert Everyone Wants To Use
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Oct 7-9
Fort Lauderdale, FL
9+ Speakers
The #1 Rehab Business Growth Conference is BACK
Event: "203k Discovery Days"
Rehab Business Growth Conference

Date: October 7-9, 2022
Time: 8:00 am EST - 7:00 PM EST


There is a change in the future - your future as a real estate agent, loan officer or contractor working to improve the lives of home owners around our country. The change will affect how hard it will be for you to get new customers and serve them in the best ways in this new "post-pandemic economy".

How are you "coping" in this new real estate world? Which of the four groups do you find yourself?

GROUP 1 - "I see what's coming but not sure how to respond"

A lot of real estate agents, loan officers and appraisers are seeing the way rising interest rates and declining inventory are reducing the options for their customers but because the change came about so quickly it is hard to know what options exist to solve their clients problems.

GROUP 2 - "It is getting rough out there. I'd like a new way to stay profitable"

Other real estate professionals like home inspectors and contractors are struggling in this environment where  they are getting "cut out" of the process by home buyers, sellers and owners 
who are making choices based on the competitiveness of the market. Calls are not coming in and business is slowing down.

GROUP 3 - "I'm starting to feel like I have no good options to help my clients"

This is the frustration that many caring and dedicated real estate professionals in all disciplines just like you, are experiencing because for the past 4+ years the tried and trued methods have worked so well for so many. The changes have happened so quickly it has taken many of us by surprise- mostly the home buyers, sellers and owners we want most to serve.

GROUP 4 - "I know there are other ways for me to be more successful but I am just not confident enough to test them on my clients." 

It is the worst feeling to know others have tools and resources you don't have that are helping clients just like yours. You have heard about some of the ways other real estate agents, loan officer, and contractors are not only creating new homeownership experiences and opportunities but creating a revenue while others are not. You need to have new tools to thrive in markets like this.

Here's the great news! No matter what group you are in you will learn The Secret to Helping More Customers and GROWING your revenue no matter what the economy is doing!

At this exclusive live seminar, you'll learn wonderful new ways to grow your revenue – ways only Real Estate Professionals with imagination are profiting from every day.

You will get tools to grow your real estate business, increase your sales and expand your referral database. 

Heck, you will even discover how to create new deals from past customers and save those deals that you thought were "dead"!

In fact, here's just a sample of what you can expect at this exclusive live seminar:
  • You will learn the secrets to an even more profitable business no one else knows...
  • ​This is where the best of the best will be gathering...
  • ​You will walk away with sales and marketing ideas that will change your business...
  • ​You'll save a ton of time over figuring everything out on your own...
  • ​You won't have to worry that you're doing things wrong...
  • ​... and much, MUCH More!

Don't miss this exclusive live seminar where you can meet the people who are really making things happen in the world of real estate adding new homeownership options like rehab loans. Join us and get real tools you can put to work in your business right now!

Featured Rehab Growth Con Speakers
An inspiring lineup of speakers with proven track records for success. Learn from the best and apply everything directly to your business.
Leaders from the lending, real estate, construction, and business growth industries will be giving you new ways to truly create possibilities and profits in your business
Minesh Baxi
CEO, Minesh Baxi & Assoc.
Minesh Baxi has published 10 books for business owners including Stop Hiring Losers and Million Dollar Team Secrets. At one time he struggled with personal debt despite a decent income. He was caught off guard with the 2008 housing crash and ended up short-selling his home in Florida. Today he is on a mission to help every American  become financially independent. 
Kenneth Blair
Southern Chapter President
National Assoc of FHA Consultants
Kenneth Blair is the owner of Lake Martin Inspection in central Alabama. He started his company while serving as a captain of one of his city's fire fighting stations.
Ken has a deep understanding of residential housing and a strong desire to help his community share the joy of homeownership.
Mark Elliott
CEO, EveryDay203k
Successful Engineer, Multi-inspector company owner and international educator and innovator, Mark relocated from Texas to Florida in the middle of a pandemic yet generates a steady flow of referrals to his renovation consulting company- EveryDay203k, literally from LinkedIn alone. He is also a very valuable member of the NAFHAC Marketing and Promotion Team.  
Todd Fogel
VP of Mortgage Lending/Renovation Specialist with Guaranteed Rate
With Regional responsibility for the state of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana and Alabama, specializing in all types of renovation mortgage financing. Todd is one of the most experienced and successful advocate of rehab home ownership opportunities. You can tell his dedication by the “Got Renovation” tee shirt that Todd is often wearing.
Paul Hollup
Eastern Chapter President
National Assoc of FHA Consultants
Paul Hollup, owner and senior inspector at H & H Home Inspections, is one of the most energetic fans of rehab loans. As a busy 203K Consultant serving PA, NJ and DE, Paul has created partnerships with lenders, contractors and real estate agents that are expanding awareness and use of renovation loans across the Tri-State Delaware Valley. 
Kevin Lee
Legacy Leadership Company
As featured on NBC, CBS, FOX & Chicago News, this 2x author’s latest #1 International Bestselling book “Your Divine Purpose – A Journey to Fulfillment and Legacy” has earned high praise from readers. Kevin has been trained extensively and been certified by some notable names, such as John C. Maxwell (Certified Coach/Speaker), and the “Profit Coach” herself, Susie Carder (as a Global Leader graduate). 
Dr. Emily LeTran
CEO, Exceptional Leverage Inc.
A serial entrepreneur, CEO of multiple dental practices, and private coach to many professionals, Dr. Emily is an international speaker who has been on TEDx and featured on several media publications including Yahoo!Finance, Forbes, USA Today, and FOX. Dr Letran is the Founder of Exceptional Leverage Inc., host of ACTION To WIN seminars, and the author of several books. She is a certified Kolbe Consultant helping team grow.
Vince Nepolitan
National Renovation Sales Manager at EPM Wholesale
Known universally as "Mr. Renovation", Vince has more than 20 years of proven success in delivering award-winning team and individual revenue totals through the mortgage sales process . He has been recognized as a talented team builder who successfully hires and develops talented managers and sales forces through hands-on leadership, clearly defined goals, and consistent follow-up. 
Walter Williams
Northern Chapter President
National Assoc of FHA Consultants
President of People, Places and Things Inspections of the Detroit metropolitan area of Illinois, Walter is also an active NAFHAC chapter leader. He is also a certified Building Design Specialist that focuses on Residential Design, Drafting and Space Planning. As a 10 year experienced 203k renovation consultant he is able o offer unique design solutions in areas like Universal Design, Aging in Place and Green Technology
Rehab Growth Conference 
Event Schedule*
DAY 1 - October 7th 
7:30 am -6pm EST


There will be a continental breakfast served in the Sponsor Hall
Get a hot cup of coffee and breakfast pasteries, yogurt parfaits and seasonal fruit to give you the energy you'll need for the next two content packed days.

Meet the amazing sponsors who have helped make this event possible.
Catherine Hall
9:00 – 10:30 AM -- Opening Session
Renovation Loans – Why NOW Why You 
Catherine Hall
Explore the current market conditions and learn what makes this the perfect time to jump in or back into Renovation Loan Services. 
Don't miss this opportunity to meet with our sponsors- many are offering some great prize drawings.
Vince Nepolitan
11:15 AM – 12:00 PM 
Reno Loan from Wholesalers Perspective 
Vince Nepolitan
Home Mortgage lending can involve a number of players. Find out where the wholesaler fits n the picture and the special features that the right wholesale partner brings to Renovation Loans. 
Mark Elliott
12:05 - 12:50 PM
From Zero to Hero – a 30 Day consultant LinkedIn Success Program
Mark Elliott
The Zero-to-Hero marketing plan is like a three-legged stool that supports your business by driving prospects into your pipeline that are key to your success. By combining the resources of LinkedIn with NAFHAC, you build and manage your LinkedIn network with an unbeatable value proposition! In this presentation, you will learn how to leverage NAFHAC to develop an unbeatable value proposition use LinkedIn to fill your pipeline with lending and construction prospects; to build a communication plan
1:00 PM LUNCH 
(Visit with sponsors)
VIP Ticket holders will have a full buffet lunch including dessert provided in Peyton's Place Restaurant (Restaurant closed to other guests)

Dining Options available across the street at Sawgrass Mills Mall
Paul Hollup
2:30 – 3:10 PM
Contractor Confusion Cleared 
Paul Hollup
Can a contractor get up-front money on a 203k Loan Fannie/Mae or VA? How’s it done? This session is a must for the loan officer, contractor and rehab consultant who wants an easy and 100% HUD approved way to attract contractors and give them what they want- money!
Minesh Baxi
3:30 – 4:40 PM
Is your financial house in need of renovation?  
Minesh Baxi
Making money is important for your success – that is obvious to us all but what is not as obvious to many business professionals is how to leverage their profits for future security and enjoyment. Minesh will show you how to create a “Feasibility Study” on your personal and business foundation. Learn how to create a “scope of work” to create a sound and prosperous financial house. 
VIP ticket holders leave for ProLab / InterNACHI  House of Horrors Tour and Dinner
DAY 2 - October 8th  
7:30 am -10 pm EST
Profitability and Possibility Preparation
There will be a continental breakfast served in the 
Sponsor Hall
Get a hot cup of coffee and breakfast pasteries, yogurt parfaits and seasonal fruit to give you the energy you'll need for the next two content packed days.

Meet the amazing sponsors who have helped make this event possible.
Catherine Hall
7:45 – 8:45 AM
Special Pre-Conference Certification Review
Catherine Hall
Get the step-by-step guide for your NAFHAC Rehab Lending Certification and Registration on HUD’s consultant roster. 
Catherine Hall
9:00 – 9:45 AM
Video Marketing 
Catherine Hall
A 52-week action plan as promised. In this session we will show you the importance of video marketing or your networking and referral boosting. It’s easier than you think to create and post weekly videos that raise awareness of reno loans and your part as a rehab lending or consulting specialist – easy – when you have 52 weekly topis and outlined to use. In your video post.
Todd Fogel
Refinance Reno Loans – Hidden Goldmine
Todd Fogel
This session is going to show you how to prospect in a market that many might tell you is “played out”. But there is gold in them refi’s and a great way to get some of that "gold" in your business. This session qualifies for 2 hours of continuing education for Florida real estate sales professionals.
Dr. Emily LeTran
12:05 – 12:50 PM
How to have a KickA$$ Economy no matter what the Economy
Dr. Emily LeTran
In today’s challenges of running a business, the business owner needs to focus on developing a clear vision and road map to achieve his or her goals, stimulate
referrals, increase retention and maximize production. In this past-faced, interactive, and action-packed presentation, Dr. Emily Letran will share the strategies that allowed her to accelerate the growth of multiple businesses, leverage teamwork, and at the same time maintain a fulfilled, fun life with her family.
2:30 – 3:00 PM
Rehab Roundtable
Q&A session with our amazing lending experts and your Leadership Team. Get the chance to ask questions of some of the industries most successful professionals 
Catherine Hall & Dr. Emily LeTran
3:30 – 4:00 PM
Relationship Building w/Dr. Emily LeTran
Catherine Hall & Dr. Emily LeTran
Lady Dr. Emily LeTran started as a refugee. Today she includes such amazing people as Sharon Lechter, Dan Kennedy and even Sir. Richard Branson as her network. Listen as Catherine interviews Emily to learn her secret to relationship building success. 
Catherine Hall
4:15 PM – 5:00 PM
Marketing and Sales Execution Workshop  Teaser and other NAFHAC Membership Benefits
Catherine Hall
Sneak Peak. You’ve heard of Grant Cardone, right? (If not check him out here). As a G.C. licensee Catherine in authorized to teach Grant’s most successful and popular courses. In this segment she will give you a sample of the business transforming M.E. workshop NAFHAC Elite Members will be able to attend in the coming months. At least 3 amazing techniques will be shared as a teaser of more to come for members. 
7:00 – 9:30 PM
Proceeds to sponsor Homes For Our Troops
Come join us for a fun night of poker, networking and relaxation. 

NO, you do not need to know how to play!! The dealers will be helping all of us learn and enjoy a fun time for a worthy cause.

Homes For Our Troops has the mission to build and donate specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives. This wonderful organization was evaluated as one of America’s Top-Rated Veterans and Military Charities and is the NAFHAC Selected Charity.

Ticket prices are just $30/pp and include appetizers/desserts and 2 drink tickets for beer/wine (cash bar also available).
DAY 3 - October 9th  
8:00 am -12 pm EST
Ending With A BANG!
Catherine Hall
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM 
Annual General Membership Meeting and Breakfast
Catherine Hall
NAFHAC is making major improvements in it's outreach and education of all segments of the real estate industry of the value and importance of renovation home ownership options.  This meeting is your opportunity to help shape that mission and drive our success.
Kevin Lee
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM 
Purpose-Driven Profits: Opening Doors to Possibilities
Keynote Presentation
Internationally recognized speaker and motivator, Kevin Lee will share with us empowering insights and tools to help us create a mindset shift around the power of knowing your purpose and how it transforms peoples lives/businesses for better. What an amazing way to end our conference and begin our new corporate year.
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM 
Conference Wrap Up and Group Photo
We know nothing lasts forever, not even good things but we want to make sure we give everyone great takeaways as a closing of our amazing 3 days.
Meet Our Sponsors and Partners
This amazing conference would not be possible without the support of our awesome sponsors! We are adding new sponsors so check back often! 
Consecutive Years Serving Rehab Consultants
Home Inspectors, Consultants, Agents and Loan Officers Trained
Live Events and Conferencs
Lives Changed
A Message From Your 203k Queen And The Lead Trainer For The Conference.
Catherine Hall
It's been 2+ years since we've actually been together in the same room talking about and working together to grow our mutually loved industry of residential real estate. Finally, we are back together, and we couldn’t be more excited! The current and future trends in the real estate industry make this the perfect time for our “break-thru” Growth Con.

In planning this event we wanted to make sure it was totally different than any conference that we had done before and that you might have attended in the past.
It is NOT just a 203k training event! NOT BY A LONG SHOT!We have been working to become a leader in more than just the renovation consulting industry. We have added incredible tools in all areas of marketing, sales and business growth for everyone involved in the residential real estate industry. As a result of my becoming a Grant Cardone Licensee, I will be bringing to our conference the resources and training that has helped businesses just like yours around the world create millions in sales, income, and profit.

We are also NO longer only a group of U.S. professionals. We have expanded our services and membership into Canada as their residential marketplace has embraced renovation homeownership.

Learn new ways to help your buyers, sellers and existing homeowners in this fast-paced changing real estate climate. We will be having speakers and trainers that will help give you the confidence and the power to promote non-traditional homeownership options to your communities. When you leave this conference, you will be able to position yourself as the one-stop, "go-to expert" for all things residential real estate.

Join us! I promise you the greatest gold-mine of easy real estate success training ever crammed into a 3-Day Event! I look forward to seeing you in Fort Lauderdale October7-9, 2022.

Come If You Are A Real Estate Professionals Who Wants Have More Answers and More Options for Your Clients and Your Success! 
Hotel and Travel
The 203k Discovery Days Growth Con will be held at the at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Sunrise-Sawgrass Mills. 
13400 W. Sunrise Boulevard, Sunrise FL 33323

The hotel is conveniently located directly across from the Sawgrass Mills Mall and near Sawgrass Corporate Park and is close to the FLA Live Center and the Florida Panthers. Enjoy spacious guest rooms or suites and take advantage of complimentary WiFi, a 55" LED flat-screen TV, mini-fridge, microwave, and large work desk. Unwind at our outdoor pool with whirlpool or work out in the fitness center or savor your next meal at our on-site restaurant. Don't forget to stop by the Lobby Cafe as we proudly brew Starbucks!

Ample parking in the adjacent covered parking garage.


Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International:  17.00 miles

Miami International Airport: 35.00 miles

Palm Beach International Airport:55.00 miles

Hotel Airport Shuttle : Not Available at the time

Ride Share Cost Approximately $35



  •  3 Full Days of Amazing Speakers ($997)
  •  Done For You Marketing Scripts ($497)
  • MEALS All Three Days ($150)
  •  Video Marketing Playbook ($349
  •  Network Opportunities ($PRICELESS)
  • ​CEU's (2 hrs) for Florida Agents
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