"see exactly what to do to get more clients and referrals NOW"
Uncover the wealth of options available with Renovation Loans that Can Create New Revenue for you and allow you to continue the success you have had for the past three years No Matter What the Market Conditions.

Differences Give You POWER
All have renovation programs and all are great IF you know when to use which one!
What do they have in common and where are they different- VERY different! When you know this, you have the power of choice. In this webinar, we will break down each of the different reno loans.

Catherine Hall is the founder and executive director of the 
National Association of FHA Consultants,
 a trade association dedicated to the empowerment of all professionals involved 
in the residential renovation industry. 
She is the creator of the 203k in a Box Consultant Certification and Training System and the Genesis Rehab Reporting System

For over 10 years, she has been honored to be able to help many inspectors like you create a lasting and business-building revenue stream
by sharing her knowledge of the world of renovation consulting.

A successful owner of a multi-inspector firm for over 25 years before profitably (very profitably) selling it, she wanted to be free to devote her time and full attention and creativity to developing a system so others could duplicate and even expand on her achievements. 

An exciting and motivating speaker, you will not only learn from her 
but have fun doing it!
America's 203k Queen...

Is this training right for you?

This FREE webinar is a powerful and enlightening session that will answer your most frequently asked questions about the different renovation loan programs.

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll answer for you on this incredible webinar:
  • ​What are the different types of renovation loans?
  • How to decide which one is best for the client?
  • ​How do you change from a NON-rehab to a renovation loan?
  • ​How to create a flowing revenue stream with all types of renovation loans?
  • ​How to create partnerships?
... and much, MUCH More!
Don't miss this breakthrough webinar that will finally show you how to secure bigger revenues and become the leader in your industry with renovation loans.

You WON"T know what you DON'T KNOW
that is costing you clients and cash!!
HURRY! limited seating available...
Confidential Training for Educational Purposes Only, and is neither intended, nor represented as legal advice.
Please consult with your attorney to ensure compliance according to your state laws.

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